Friday, April 17, 2009

Killing a few minutes before I head over to The Hound HQ to get some work done. Lots of exciting things going on at Houndstooth. We've officially mind-melded w/fellow dj and music savant Bruce McDonald. I'll do a full *C-Spotlight* shine on him soon...but for now just know his music collection is almost as big as his musical knowledge. We're talking huge. colossal even. So tons of new and old music going into the Hound's library.
New music from Rancid, Art Brut, and The Dead Weather added this week. Looking forward to some new music soon from Frank Black's latest band *Grand Duchy*. Mr. Black, aka: Mr. Black Francis/Mr. Charles Thompson has begun a band with the amazing vocal stylings of Violet Clark, (who incidentally happens to be his wife). I've heard four tracks on their myspace page and I must say, I am smitten thus far.
Elsewhere in my universe; sad to see the season and most likely series finale of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. I really loved this show. I knew it was on FOX....I knew it's future was bleak, and yet...I loved it still. Shirley Manson as a *metal* was poetry in motion. Brian Austin Green was all ruggedly handsome as John Connor's uncle.... I shall miss ye, T:SCC.
I hear Dollhouse is next on FOX's chopping block, and I can't say I'm surprised, but really, can we just have a Joss Whedon network already? I'd pay a subscription to that!
Looking forward to seeing The Heartless Bastards at Spaceland in Silverlake next week. (April 21st) I will give a full report next week for sure.
That's all for now....
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