Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spuffy lurve foreva

Last night I got a chance to meet James Marsters who played Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. His old band Ghost of The Robot did a one off show in Santa Monica. It was a total Whedonesque dream come true. My friend Trent made it all possible really, and no one could have blogged about it here's the link:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

summer summer summer, got me upside-down

I realize I haven’t posted in a while. My bad. Lots of personal and professional angst going on lately. Much love to my amazing network of friends and family for helping me keep it together. I am a very lucky girl.
So it’s Sunday afternoon and I survived my 6 year old daughter’s first official sleepover. There was pizza, triple chocolate milkshakes, marathon movie watching and lip-gloss applications a-plenty. The girls partied like rock stars (of the Disney-variety) and passed out some time around midnight…I think. That’s when I passed out anyway. All in all… a success!
Just to make sure I’m not completely lost in MommyTown I am now immersed in the new album from The Street Dogs. Nothing like a little home-town punk rock to get my blood moving. Please go check it out and join me in my joy:
In other news, I officially started my own consulting business. Helping individuals and small businesses with all their social media marketing needs. (I help them promote their businesses or themselves with Twitter/Facebook/blogging etc.) Also doing some radio and podcast producing and consulting as well. I’m becoming very fond of this word “consulting”. And oddly enough, I’m actually pretty good at it.
Summer is ticking away and here in the val the heat has thus far not been a huge factor. Which is nice. After surviving years in Vegas and Phoenix, the heat in the San Fan valley is no big whup. Okay, now I’m officially talking about the weather, so I will say ttfn. laters.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My view on this Fourth Of July.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Nice view

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ever The Graceful, I took a spill and sprained my ankle

As I am writing this entry, I am reclined on the couch with my leg up, and my ankle covered with a large bag of ice. Yes, the always graceful, never clumsy me, did it again. I was at my pal Kay's (shocker) getting ready to produce another awesome episode of "You Don't Even Know Me" with Chad Greer & Kay Hanley, when I received a phone call. I decided to take the call and step outside the studio for a moment. While holding my iPhone in my ear, I took my first step outside, landed on my ankle wrong, and DOWN I went. Luckily my knees broke my fall. On the slate patio. Yes. Lucky me lucky me.
As I laid there, writhing in pain, my first thought was the caller on the other end of the phone. I felt so bad my friend had to hear that and not know what happened only to hear me yelling and screaming obscenities. Luckily, I have AT&T, so the call immediately dropped and he was spared all confusion. ha ha ha
I actually broke the very same ankle 9 years ago falling off a horse in Cabo San Lucas. So a trip to urgent care and subsequent x-rays were definitely in my future. I knew it wasn't as bad as Mexico, but I had to make sure. So here I am, a week later, with a bad sprain, some heavily scraped knees, and a bruised ego. I feel like an ASS of the highest order. I know it was a freak thing, and in no way could I have avoided it, but it doesn't make me feel any less guilty. Having to ask friends and family for help like this is super hard for me. I never want to feel like a nag. I loathe being dependent on others.
That being said, my network of friends and family have gone above and beyond the call of duty on this one. Whether it's hosting a bbq for my Dad's birthday, or helping shuttle my kid back and forth between school and swim lessons, I am BEYOND grateful.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day FAIL

I should have known. I woke up this morning and felt like it was going to be a bad day. I should have just stayed in bed. I decided it was too chilly to walk my five year old to school this morning, even though it is Earth Day and NOT driving would be doing my little part and teaching my kid about trying to erase a carbon footprint, but it was chilly....and I was we drove. I promised myself that no matter what I would pick her up after school on foot.
Walking to my kid's school is no great task, it's only a few blocks away, but there is some finesse to the timing. They don't allow parents on the school yard until 10 minutes before the bell rings. If I head over there too early, I'm waiting outside a chained-up door peaking through like a looney. If I leave too late, my wittle kindergartener freaks out when her classroom door opens and Mom's not there. That being said, I calculated my variables and decided I could squeeze in a trash-take-out trip just before heading out with plenty of seconds to spare. That's when things went bad. Very bad.

Some asshole had decided it would be far easier to leave a half-full dirty aquarium perched next to the trash chute, than to actually take it down to the dumpster. I had barely opened the door to the trash chute room when the glass aquarium started to fall. It had been placed on top of a box half it's size and just the gust of wind that came along with opening the door made it tip over. And on to me. And break in a million pieces of glass. And gallons of water soaked up my foot, sock, and sneaker, and proceeded to gush down the hallway.


Catching my breathe after having the shit scared out of me, I realize I've got to alert the proper authorities to said disaster, and head out to pick up my kid five minutes ago. Now I'm late, and hauling ass down Laurel Canyon, with a squish in my step, literally. I am cursing the anonymous asshole for being lazy, I am cursing my squishy foot in it's wet sock and sneaker, and wondering what kind of dirty-fish-water-algae is marinating my foot.
Just as the imaginary steam starts coming out of my ears, I look up to see some idiot crossing, nay, JAYWALKING across Laurel and I'm thinking "wow, that guy's got balls to just jump out in the middle of traffic" until I take a closer look. A very tan, a very well-groomed, impeccably dressed, ROB LOWE looks over at me.
All I could do was laugh. And Squish. And laugh again. Not sure what the universe is trying to tell me today, but I'm pretty sure getting attacked my trash on Earth Day is not a good sign. Even if the handsome Rob Lowe did cross my path.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

replay of my John Hughes Tribute today!

By multiple is the playlist from our John Hughes Tribute show. playing all day today on Houndstooth Radio

kajagoogoo by Kajagoogoo
Happy Birthday by Altered Images
Kazooed on Klassics by Temple City Kazoo Orchestra
True by Spandau Ballet


Wild Sex (In The Working Class) by Oingo Boingo
Little Bitch by The Specials
When it Started To Begin by Nick Heyward
Ring Me Up by The Divinyls


Turning Japonese by The Vapors
Rev-Up by the Revillos
Farmer John by The Premiers
Young Guns by Wham


Geek Boogie by Ira Newborn
Young Americans by David Bowie
If you were here by The Thompson Twins
16 Candles by The Stray Cats


Beat City by the Flowerpot Men
Danke Schoen by Wayne Newton
Love Missile F1-11 by Sigue Sigue Sputnik


March of the Swivelheads by The English Beat
Twist and Shout by the Beatles
Oh Yeah by Yellow


Beat's So Lonely by Charlie Sexton
Can't Help Falling In Love by Lick The Tins
Miss Amanda Jones by The Rolling Stones
I Go Crazy by Flesh For Lulu


Wouldn't it Be Good by Nik Kershaw
Positively Lost Me by The Rave Ups
Thieves Like Us by New Order
Elegia by New Order


Bring on the Dancing Horses by Echo and the Bunnymen
Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding
Please, please, please, Let Me Get what I The Smiths
Pretty In Pink by the Psych Furs
If you Leave by OMD


Weird Science by Oingo Boingo
Eighties by Killing Joke
Don't you forget about me by Simple Minds
Holiday Road by Lindsay Buckingham

BREAK # 11

Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones
A Town Called Malice by The Jam
Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand
Mele Kalikimaka by Bing Crosby


Mess Around by Ray Charles
This Woman's Work by Kate Bush
You just haven't earned it yet baby by Kirsty MacColl
Go by Tones on Tail

Thursday, March 25, 2010


So, one of my bestie best pals Kay Hanley (Letters To Cleo ) has a new band. They are called Palmdale. They are chocked full of power-pop-rock goodness. New CSpot all about their ep is currently up and running through out the weekend on Houndstooth Radio. Listen to the FULL interview HERE. And if you are in the LA area, they are having a listening party at Molly Malones on the 29th of March. (This coming Monday!) It's free...and there will be a sing-a-long. See you there!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Listen to my C Spots!!

You can now hear my C spots (aka my arts & entertainment reports) two ways
the traditional way (on Houndstooth Radio) or on my new tumblr page!!!
(just click on the highlighted "Houndstooth Radio" or "tumblr")
Brand new one is up for this weekend of 3/19/10
I muse about recent celeb deaths, Jesse James cheating on Sandy! and the new movies out this weekend. enjoy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Daily C Spot for Wednesday March 3, 2010

The Heartless Bastards announce their very own headlining tour dates for 2010. I tell you all about my new found love for SyFy Channel's Caprica. Courtney Love and Lily Allen are in a twitter war, which means lots of comedy for you and me! I take a look at Queen Kwong's new blog. Tune in all day today to hear the C Spot w/me, Angie C on Houndstooth Radio.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Switching Things up!

Okay, so for the time being you will be hearing from me on Houndsooth Radio by way of the C Spot. My daily arts/entertainment/news/personal ramblings will run through out the day on the station. The DJAngieC Radio Progrum will definitely be back in some capacity (more likely as a specialty show a la The John Hughes tribute) but for now, this is all that my time is allowing me to accomplish.

Today's C Spot:

whilst still hungover from the Olympic closing ceremonies, I pontificate about the new SyFy channel show Caprica, my celebrity run in this past weekend, new music releases today and much more. tune in! Feedback is always welcome.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I've been slackin'

Hey all, haven't done much posting since the "DJAngieC Radio Progrum" theme song bad. Miss Kay Hanley assures me the real thing will be recorded VERY soon. You can, however, hear the tribute songs on my show courtesy of Mr. Kurt St. Thomas and his most excellent production skills. (Monday thru Friday 1pm to 3pm PST on
Speaking of my show, I've been off for a bit. Was hit with an uber head cold last week and then as my luck would have it, I lost part of a tooth this past Friday. It as a very important tooth, and I don't know why I didn't give it more accolades while it was working perfectly in my mouth. Apparently, the tooth was pissed at me and decided to jump ship. What are you going to do? Well, I'm going to the dentist today! I know what you're thinking: "that Angie C., she gets to have ALL THE FUN!" and of course, you'd be correct.
Hope to back on the airwaves soon, and tooth-failure free....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Video #5 Aaaaaand We've Been Animated!

Courtesy of Scurvyann.....The DJAngieC Radio ProgRUM gets anothah tribute video! keep 'em coming! Enjoy!

Thanks Linda Bean!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Video #4 It Just KEEPS getting BETTER! We've been covered by PUPPETS! CUTE PUPPETS!

This one just popped up! Cute and adorable Hero and Steve sing the "DJ Angie C Radio Progrum" theme song!

I am doubled over in pain crying. That's how hard I am laughing at this. Hero and Steve, you can here "the PROGRUM" for FREE on


Video #3 Another tribute video for my "Angie C Radio Progrum" theme song!

This one comes from the slightly tipsy but very handsome couple Gary Kordan and Justine Ungaro. They are joined by their pal Stephanie, who I don't *think* I know personally, (the video is very dark), but they all have fantastic singing voices and really need to take this show on the road. (Their tribute has an intentional Long Island accent...a nice twist on the Bostonian original) enjoy:

Word on the street is that there are hip hop and heavy metal versions in the works. Keep 'em coming people! Let's Viral 2010!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Video #2 I told ya it was catchy

Angie C's Radio Progrum (a cover of the Theme Song) from Shane Nickerson on Vimeo.

I adore Shane Nickerson. It is an honor. One of the greatest people to follow on twitter. @shanenickerson

Kay Hanley writes the catchiest hooks on the planet.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Video #1 I'm getting my own theme song!!!!

What started out as a rainy day working indoors with one of my best pals (Kay Hanley), turned into the odyssey known as "The Angie C Radio Progrum". Here's how it all began...

As you may have surmised, Kay decided it would be a GREAT idea to write me a theme song, based on my errands of the day. I had to put a scratch ticket in the mail back to my 'Mothah and Fathah' after the xmas-gift-scratch-ticket turned out to be a winnah. After further pontification on the lovely Boston accent we call our own, a catchy hook and a hilarious premise was born.

This is only the beginning.

The video was edited by 10 year old director-phenom Zoe Mabel. She's only, like, the next Martin Scorsese.

The finished song will be heard as my opener, weekdays from 1pm to 3pm PST on HOUNDSTOOTH RADIO

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well Look at THAT!

I can now call myself a "guest children's book reviewer"
who knew? LOL