Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bruce has another awesome show for you...and I ramble about Hollywood

Hey guys, So Bruce McDonald has a new show today...it's an homage to the Bo Diddley beat featuring songs from Bo, Buddy Holly, The Stooges, Bowie, Elvis, Nick Lowe and more. tune in at noon pacific!!! I'm sure there will be an encore presentation later on as well. This show is too good NOT to repeat!!! tune in to The HOUND now if ya like.
Now, on to the Hollywood musings....
It was just released this week that Spielberg is going to remake the classic Jimmy Stewart film HARVEY. It got me thinking about Hollywood, and remakes...and the continued flood of regurgitation that keeps the Hollywood machine spinning. Now, Harvey, I get. Very few people under the age of 40 have ever even heard of the film. So it makes sense that a flick like that would be ripe for a remake. Then I read that Hollywood is remaking RED DAWN. WTF???

Now, maybe I'm showing my age here...but Red Dawn??? The classic cheese 80's flick starring the fantastic Patrick Swayze, C.Thomas Howell and Charlie Sheen? Not to mention stellar over-acting from Jennifer Grey and Lea Thompson! The Powers Boothe cameo alone is worth it's weight in gold!
Of course, as my friend @Heitzie pointed out to me on FB, they will no doubt change the enemies from Soviets to MidEast terrorists. That part's a no brainer. But how can you improve on the campy badness of this movie? Are you going to make it a serious film??? Reading that the hot girl "Tara" from The Friday Night Lights tv show has already been cast leads me to believe they're not going to shoot THAT high...but one never knows how these things will play out.
Let's just hope it's not Kurt Russell in the Harry Dean Stanton role of Patrick and Charlie's character's father in the concentration camp scene. ("Boys!!! Avenge Me!!! Avenge Me!!!!) That powerful scene still gets me.
Okay, maybe Kurt wouldn't be so bad. But if they cast Ashlee Simpson or Demi Lovato in this movie I am NOT GOING. I mean it! Unless I get free passes to the screening.

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