Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday night musings...

Watching American Psycho. In my opinion, Bale's FINEST role. If only he had played Batman like "Patrick Bateman"....would have been a far more interesting move. Patrick Bateman would NOT have had a movie stolen from him by the likes of Ledger's The Joker, that's for sure. I think Huey Lewis would have done wonders for the soundtrack. Ah well. Let's move on.
I've got some great music coming up on the shows this week. (http://www.HoundstoothRadio.com)
I am lucky enough to be debuting brand new music from one of my all time favorite SoCal punk bands Big Drill Car. They reunited last year for some shows after many many years off...I was lucky enough to see one of the first shows back in Huntington Beach. The reunion was so successful they ended up playing some of the Warped Tour dates and decided that maybe a rareties & unreleased cd was worth thinking about. After getting together to see if they might want to write a new tune for the compilation, they ended up with FIVE!!! Signed, sealed, and soon to be delivered to an on-line venue near YOU!
The CD will be called "A Never Ending Endeavor" and will be sold thru various online outlets including at their lives shows playing with All! on their mini House of Blues tour thru So Cal this July.
The single is called "Eye A Door" and I will be playing it this Friday on my show.
Also on the bill this week? New music from The Reigning Monarchs. Excellent surf/ska fare with a song title that kept me in stiches, "Short Pants for Fatty". I mean, come ON...what's not to love?
So just a little sneaky peek of what's coming up in the next few days.(1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern)
As always, thanks for taking the time to read my blog, listen to my show, and support Houndstooth Radio. It's greatly appreciated.


  1. ok fine I'll watch it. I have to say though, the book irritated me to such a degree that I figured I'd hate the movie too(even with Batman in it...he doesn't do that "Batman voice" in this does he? that'd be distracting...oooh! does he speak Japanese and steal shoes?). So this is now officially on ye olde Netflix queue. Happy?

  2. very happy. never read the book. so no clue on comparison. and no, distracting batman voice NOT included. yay!

  3. Ok, here's two comments:

    1) If Bale was Bateman in Batman, who would be the Joker? Willem Defoe?

    2) Huey Lewis in American Psycho would have been far more awesome than the more prominently featured Genesis. "Do You Believe In Love" playing during a violent yuppie dispatch? Freaking awesome.

  4. Nice call. I agree....Do you Believe In Love would have KILLED! (pun intended)